agency profile
Computer Software
Berkeley Systems / Screen Savers and Games
BMC Software / Mainframe Software
Borland International / Applications Development Software
Calera / OCR Software
Dantz Development / Backup and Archival Software
Hewlett-Packard / Networking Software Support
Hunter Systems / UNIX-to-PC Conversion Software
Informix / Relational Databases
Lawson Software / Accounting, Personnel, Warehouse Software
Mainsoft / UNIX-to-PC Conversion Software
Novell / Networking Software
Progressive Management Services / Law Enforcement Software
SCO / UNIX PC Applications Software
SunSoft / Application Software
Synon / Application Development Tools
Unify / Relational Databases

Computer Hardware
Alps Electric / Computer Peripherals
Amdahl / Mainframes
Aspect / Call Center Solutions
AVR / Scanners
BCC / Notebook Computers
Bull Information Systems / UNIX Computers
Cornerstone Technologies / Monitors
Divicom / Video Compression Systems
Division / Virtual Reality Systems
Evans & Sutherland / Supercomputers
Fujitsu Computer Products of America / Storage Devices and Scanners
Hewlett-Packard / Network Attached Storage
Hyundai / PCs and Monitors
Kalidor / Pen Computer
Motorola Computer Group / UNIX Computers
NKK / Mass Storage Subsystems
Precision Echo / Storage Subsystems
Quantegy (formerly Ampex) / Recording Media
Quantum / Disk Drives, Tape Drives, Media
Qume / Monitors
Stallion / Multiport Boards
Sun Microsystems / Sparc Workstations
SunPics / Sun Printers
Synergy / Color Plotters
Zenith Data Systems / PCs

Internet Enabling
Digital Impact / Opt-in e-mail Services
FaceTime Communications / Customer Interactive Services
IronSide Technologies / B-to-B e-commerce
iVendor / Private-label e-merchandising
KiraCom / Women's Portal
Netliant / Network Equipment e-commerce
Pensare / Internet-based learning communities
Resonate / Internet Services Management Software
Secure Computing / Extranet Security Products
Vividence / Website Evaluation Services

Asanté / Ethernet Cards for Macintosh
Echelon / Network Control Standard
Extreme Networks / Switches
Fujitsu Microelectonics / PC Cards
Gadzoox Networks / SANs
LAN Times / Magazine Publisher
N.E.T. / Wide Area Networks
Network Systems / Multi-protocol Routers
Novell / Network Analyzers
Racore / Token-Ring Network Adapters
RUN / Network Acceleration Software
Secure Computing / Network Security Hardware
SunConnect / Network Management Software
3Com / PC and Network Interface Cards
UB Networks / Local Area Networks

AMD / Semiconductors
ASAT / Semiconductor Assembly
Avasem / RAMDACs
Frequency / IC Design Software
Plus Logic / PALs
S3 / Graphics Accelerators
San Disk / PC Cards

Life Sciences
Acuson / Medical Imaging Equipment
Bacchus Vascular / DVT Remedies
Gryphon Therapeutics / Synthetic Drugs
Heartport / Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery
IknowMed / Oncology Website for Physicians and Patients
MedFlo / Drug Administering Products
Rita Medical / Ablative Cancer Devices
Sciton / Aesthetic Lasers

General Magic / Computer-Internet-Telephony Integration
Imagine Media, Business 2.0 / Magazine Publisher
InfoWorld / Magazine Publisher