The Dimmick Group is a full-service marketing communications agency that offers a variety of services. We like to work with our clients to develop a complete marketing communications program. We start by developing a compelling idea and a unique personality to communicate your message. Then we consistently apply those across media to build your brand. Whether it's a print ad, direct mail piece or website, building your brand is our goal. Not ready to launch a complete program? We help some of our clients with project work as well. We apply the same principles of good communication to every project we do.
 - Personality development
 - Corporate ID
 - Style guides

 - Print
 - Online
 - Radio
 - Outdoor

Direct marketing

 - Brochures
 - Datasheets
 - Sales kits

Channel marketing programs
 - Program structure/infrastructure
 - Develop communications materials

Website development
 - Develop and/or update entire site
 - Jump pages/tracking for special promotions
 - Intranet
 - Extranet (specializing in channel)

Online communications
 - Virtual postcards
 - Interactive games
 - Virtual open house
 - Online event hosting
 - Rich media
 - Banners

Interactive marketing development
 - Interactive training tools
 - Demos
 - Presentations
 - Sales/Marketing tools
 - CD ROMs

 - Awareness and preference studies
 - Creative pre-testing